Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Serving the best breakfast in Soulard! :-D

Today started off like any other morning, with Stacy in the kitchen preparing breakfast for our guests. The doorbell rang at 9:30AM, which was a bit unusual because we weren't expecting any packages or visitors.

A gentleman was at the door inquiring about breakfast. It turns out that if you google search for "best breakfast in Soulard", our B&B comes up as one of the top choices. Stacy explained that we're not a restaurant and don't have a menu. She jokingly added, "Today's breakfast is banana Nutella French toast if you'd like some." The man replied, "That sounds really good!"

Stacy set a place for him at the table, refilled the coffee carafe, and whipped up an additional serving of French toast. The new guest enjoyed a delightful breakfast and spent the morning chatting with the other people staying at our B&B.

It just goes to show that google truly does know everything, even when it's slightly off the mark. :-D

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