Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Makeover - Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2 of our blog posts contained the "Before" and "After" photos of new paint and new carpet in our guest rooms. Here are some odds and ends of even more renovations we recently performed:
After: A medallion and crystal chandelier
Before: kinda boring hallway light

Before: brown hallway carpet

After: a pleasing, subtle pattern
Before: yellow, yellow everywhere!
After: Josephine approves of the dignified linen wall color

Before: Old valances in the Lafayette
After: modern valences to match the new carpet

Before: mismatched yellow and slate greyish-blue walls
After: The subtle, pale blue walls of the Napoleon room

Makeover - Part 2

As mentioned in the previous post, we tackled some major renovations at Napoleon's Retreat this past winter. In addition to HVAC upgrades and a serious amount of painting, we installed new carpet throughout the main house. There are too many "Before" and "After" photos for just one blog page! Here are the photos of the new carpet:

Before: 20-year-old carpet in the Lafayette
After: the Lafayette's plush, luxurious new carpet!

Before: The Burgundy carpet had seen better days
After: the Burgundy's new carpet feels so soft underfoot!

Before: why was there teal carpet in the Napoleon??

After: The Napoleon's gorgeous dove grey carpet brightens the room!

Our "Painted Lady" gets a makeover! - Part 1

The past few months, we've been hard at work renovating our 137-year-old Victorian mansion. It started with a project to update the ductwork. Dampers were installed and ducts added to the Lafayette and Napoleon bathrooms. The dampers control the temperature for each individual room, providing each guest with their preferred temperature during their stay. Hooray for zoned heating! 

In order to upgrade the ductwork, the ceilings of our second floor had to be ripped apart. The Burgundy and Lafayette rooms were under siege from drywall dust and construction debris! Once the HVAC work was complete, new drywall was installed and the painting began. Stacy painted the 12-foot ceilings of the Burgundy and Lafayette rooms, the Burgundy and Lafayette baths, the closets in the Lafayette and Napoleon rooms (new ductwork was run through the closets), and the hallway starting on the 3rd floor and stretching to the 1st floor. All of that painting took 2 weeks to complete. 

The final phase of our renovation: new carpet throughout the main house. The results are stunning! We look forward to sharing our (even more) gorgeous "Painted Lady" with our guests!

There were so many "Before" and "After" photos that we decided to break up this post into multiple pages. Part 1 contains the photos of the Burgundy, Lafayette, and Napoleon baths. A fresh coat of paint makes such a difference!

After: New paint in the burgundy bath matches the decorative tile
Before: bright yellow Burgundy bath

Before: mint green Lafayette Bath
After: modern, soothing neutral tone

Before: another mint green bath in the Napoleon!
After: tranquil blue Napoleon bath